Rare Active, Baba Love Organics take first place in Startup Week pitch competition

June 7, 2019

Ten startup founders & startup founder teams pitched for a cash prize Thursday night at Techstars Startup Week Dayton!

Taking first place in the innovation/tech category was Patty Vanderburgh, founder of Rare Active. Rare Active offers a patented new design in athletic outerwear pants that allows you to put them on and take them off in a matter of seconds over shoes and other clothing.

First place in the main street category went to Vaniti Byrd, founder of Baba Love Organics. Baba Love Organics develops plant based beauty and body care products we replace commercial based products used daily by offering clean staples such as soap and body butters.

Patty & Vaniti won $1K cash, $500 in marketing services from the ONEIL Center, and a 60-second video from New Media Incubator ($630 value)

Taking second place in the innovation/tech category was Nathaniel Nash, cofounder of Argus Fitness. Argus Fitness is developing a gym bag to help the fitness community by empowering individuals to keep their accessories organized, protected, and easily accessible.

Second place in the main street category went to Bridget Flaherty, founder of LORE. LORE leads businesses and individuals to craft stories people will remember to help strengthen company culture, connect deeply with customers, and nail the speech.

Nathaniel and Bridget took home $250 in marketing services from the ONEIL Center.

Also pitching were:

• Elizabeth Beil, founder of Elizabeth Beil Nutrition. Elizabeth Beil Nutrition works with individuals and companies to help achieve health and wellness goals while utilizing the tools of mindfulness and a non-judgement approach.

• Dave Malseed & Ryan Jankord, cofounders of Adyptation. Adyptation is bringing a new voice to remote patient monitoring for the chronically ill with a 365 day biometric monitoring and analytics approach.

• Jacquelyn Avnaim, founder of Gypsum & Blossom Tea Scones. Gypsum & Blossom Tea Scones is devoted to offering the refinement & tranquility of afternoon tea scones through its gourmet flavor infusions, using quality ingredients and making this experience more accessible to our community as a whole. (You might recognize this name — she was our Monday Startup Week breakfast vendor!)

• Heather Allen, founder of Honey Active. Honey Active offers outdoor fitness classes in Dayton, Ohio and wants to provide you with an enticing wellness plan that keeps you coming back for more.

• Drew Bidlen & Noah Bragg, cofounders of CoffeePass. CoffeePass provides independent coffee shops with order-ahead technology so they can better compete with large chains.

• Blair Jackson, founder of Orison Corporation. Orison Corporation is working to fill a gap in the $2.8 billion light electric vehicle market with the hippest patented machine.

All these companies are less than four years old, under $50K in revenue or investment, and connected to Dayton. All finalists will be featured in a Dayton Daily News ad on June 9.

Congratulations, founders!