Welcome to the Launch Dayton Business Toolkit

The Launch Dayton Business Toolkit offers a series of free online courses to help you build and grow your business.

The Business Toolkit is the perfect resource for you if:

  • You’re a self-starter who prefers to work at your own pace, on your own schedule
  • You’re building your business in the odd blocks of time between your day job and responsibilities at home
  • You’re looking to target a particular skill that you need now rather than working through a full business class

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The Courses

Not sure how to get started with your marketing? We got you. Ready to dig into your numbers? We got you. Finally launching your e-commerce business? Presented by local experts, complete with downloadable worksheets and templates, the Business Toolkit courses are designed to help you move your business forward. Click on any course to jump in and begin learning.

Business Feasibility

Course Experts: LeKeisha Grant, Emerald Sparks

Bookkeeping 101

Course Experts: Emerald Sparks

Launch My E-Commerce Business

Course Experts: LeKeisha Grant

Marketing 101

Course Experts: Christina Mendez, Danielle Phillips

Working with the DoD

Course Experts: Lauren Tiffan, Travis McCullough

Access to Capital

Course Experts: Andy Cothrel

Intellectual Property and Your Business

Course Experts: Martina Watson, Tom Lees

Legal & Operational Guides for Your Business

Course Experts: Teresa Perretta, Chris Nalls

Launch Your MedTech Startup

Course Experts: Josh Tranter

Business Real Estate

Course Experts: Teresa Perretta, Chris Nalls

Meet The Experts

Each course in the Business Toolkit was developed and presented by a local expert eager to share their knowledge and help you move your business forward.

LeKeisha Grant

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Emerald Sparks

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Lauren Tiffan

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Christina Mendez

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Travis McCullough

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Danielle Phillips

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Teresa Perretta

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Martina Watson

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Tom Lees

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Andy Cothrel

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Chris Nalls

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Josh Tranter

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