Meet Marianne Fink, wellness guru + Dayton hype woman

October 16, 2023

When Marianne Fink arrived in Dayton in the early 1990s, Dayton looked a lot different than it does today.

“I fell in love pretty immediately, but it was just a strange time to be here because people were just trying to get out,” she recalled. “They weren’t really trying to stay, they weren’t trying to do much with what we had here.”

But that didn’t stop Marianne from getting involved in the community where she would eventually launch her business, The Wellness Studio.

“I just really had a sense that a lot of impact could be made, and that if I just continued to put one foot in front of the other, eventually things would anchor in a way that I could grow,” she said. “Most of us that are on an entrepreneurial journey, we’re visionaries just by our nature.”

And sometimes that vision can take years to truly manifest, she said.

Marianne first launched The Wellness Studio with a business partner in Tipp City in 2015, but “the drive to want to anchor something or root something in the Dayton community was always there,” she said.

That dream came true in April 2019 when she opened her doors at 114 N. Saint Clair St.

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