Meet Casey, stylist extraordinaire

May 20, 2024

Casey Nickole’s entrepreneur journey began behind a salon chair in DERAILED in Dayton’s Oregon District.

A year later, she moved across the country, landed a job in a Seattle barbershop, and went on to launch her own salon, BANG, which she grew to multiple locations.

Today, she’s back home and launching a new adventure. SHAG Studios is an 11,000 square foot renovated medical center. Its 15 private studio spaces will house a variety of wellness entrepreneurs and retailers in one space.

“Honestly, I’m just that cliche person who moved home during the pandemic,” Casey recalled. “Seattle was very tumultuous at that time. Everything was boarded up. I came home and visited family and realized that I wanted to move back.”

She opened SHAG hair salon on Jefferson St. with a friend from Seattle before she found the building at 1126 S Main St.

“Our goal is to take each of those spaces and create a space that reflects the person who rents it. They can choose kind of colors or patterns or light fixtures or things that they feel like are going to enhance their business,” Casey said. “I think it’s important to give people spaces to reflect not only who they are in business, but who they are in the world. I really look forward to collaborating with people who want to spend their time in a space that feels good energetically and socially.”

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