The Entrepreneurs Center launches #COVIDPIVOT campaign

April 14, 2020

The Entrepreneurs Center’s new COVIDPIVOT campaign highlights, explores, aids, and drives entrepreneurial resilience in the unprecedented market circumstances brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The definition: COVIDPIVOT [ koh-vid piv-uht ], v. to make a change in strategy due to the global COVID-19 pandemic without a change in vision.

“The Entrepreneurs Center is currently observing extraordinary pivots on a massive scale,” the org announced across social media. “Entrepreneurs across our region are reimagining the way they operate in the new COVID-19 world while still maintaining the vision they set forth for their companies.”

“Our staff and resources are available to help entrepreneurs pivot into today’s new normal.”

Image may contain: possible text that says 'THE Entrepreneurs CENTER proudly introduces the #COVIDPIVOT series, an innovation initiative to drive entrepreneurial resilience in unprecedented times. times. Our staff and and resources are available to help entrepreneurs pivot into today's new normal.'

Stories of Dayton entrepreneurs’ COVIDPIVOTS so far include:

• Battle Sight Technologies remains steadfast in its vision to provide solutions for military and first responders as they COVIDPIVOT to providing hand sanitizer for these customers.

• Belle of Dayton Distillery has also produced a batch of hand sanitizer.

• Ace Healthy has pivoted from producing its pest repellent to producing sanitizer.

• Tempagenix, producing Dayton-made no-contact disposable paper thermometers, has grown 10x practically overnight to become a $3M business.

Dayton Sportcial remains steadfast in its vision to connect people through fun as they COVIDPIVOT to online, distanced games, and socializing.

MRL remains steadfast in its vision to implement artificial intelligence in metallic 3D printing as they COVIDPIVOT to producing face shields. ⠀

• Local co Epluno, a software, e-commerce and fulfillment company, is retrofitting defective N95 masks sitting in storage to make them usable again, producing between 500 to 600 masks in an hour while keeping their team employed.

• Speakeasy Yoga, Space Three, Femme Fatale Fitness and others have transitioned to offer fitness classes their customers can do at home.

• Savorista has increased sales as folks make more coffee at home.

• Restaurants & bars are offering contact-less food delivery & cocktails to go.

How has your company pivoted during this time? Email [email protected] to share your story.