Springfield rideshare startup gets you AND your car home

February 18, 2020

A Springfield rideshare startup is looking to tackle drunk driving by getting both you & your vehicle home at the end of the night.

Springfield native Bill Perdue launched Your Ride Home last fall after a bartender friend confided that the main reason people drive home drunk is because they don’t want to leave their car at the bar overnight.

“It sparked the idea in my head, let’s drive them home in their own car,” he said.

The service works by dispatching two drivers to the bar — one to drive the patron home in his own car, while the second driver follows and takes the first driver back to base.

The cost is $20 per ride to get you and your vehicle home, up to 10 miles away. Your Ride Home also offers traditional rideshare services for $12.

Currently, Bill is primarily serving the Springfield area, but he is working to push in Dayton, and hopes to eventually go national.

“Just in this tiny area we’re staying busy, but I want to expand,” he said. “I want to help all of the people to not drive drunk.”

Bill recently pitched his startup at our January 2020 edition of Early Risers. He’s looking for a partner with business experience to get involved in his startup. He also wants to work to develop an app.

Reach Bill here.