Savorista offers shockingly great decaf coffees

September 10, 2019

Love coffee, but it doesn’t love you? Fear not, Savorista & its line of caffeine-conscious coffees are here!

Founder Kait Brown was working a high-stress job in Chicago when her father was diagnosed with cancer. She switched to decaf when she realized her coffee consumption was making it even harder to sleep and deal with the stress.

But she discovered that her decaf options sucked, she recalled with a laugh. So she and her husband set off around the globe to find and bring home the best decaf coffee.

Kait pitched Savorista at our August 2019 edition of Early Risers.

“Most decaf is bad because it starts with lower quality beans that are chemically decaffeinated,” she said.

Kait & Daniel visited coffee producers and decaffeination centers in South America & East Africa. They tried hundreds of cups of coffee to find better beans & processes.

Savorista currently offers four caffeine-conscious decaf coffees online. The coffee begins with high-quality beans that are naturally decaffeinated using a water process, then roasted to order in small batches. Wait plans to also offer a low-caffeine coffee later this fall.

“We’re looking to shift the way people think about low-caffeine & decaf coffees,” she said. “It’s a valuable addition to your day, especially in the afternoon or evening with a great pastry. It’s not a punishment for being caffeine-sensitive.”

In the U.S. there are 30M people who drink decaf coffee at least once a week, representing a $1B market, Kait shared. And there are another 80M who drink coffee every day, but are interested in limiting their caffeine intake, representing an addition $2.7B market, she added.

Savorista is aiming to be the household name in decaf coffee. So far, they have shipped product to 37 states and 3 countries.

Support Kait by trying a cup of Savorista coffee & telling a friend!