MRS Electronic is connecting vehicles to the cloud

September 10, 2019

As the world shifts toward autonomous, electric vehicles, Franz Hoffmann is looking to put Dayton at the center of the map.

Franz immigrated to the US from Germany more than 20 years ago because he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He dreams of making Dayton a high-tech capital in a shifting automotive industry that has deep roots in Dayton’s economy.

MRS Electronics provides “advanced, highly-integrated electronics connectivity,” Franz said.

Franz pitched MRS Electronics at our August 2019 edition of Early Risers.

The company’s innovative Spoke Zone product integrates controls, sensors, cameras, telecommunications, analytics and over-the-air updates to maximize efficiency in fleet management. It connects vehicles to the cloud, offering real-time diagnostics that reduce repair times.

MRS Electronics also offers its MicroPlex, a patented, programmable device that can be plugged right into a vehicle’s existing controls.

“We want to recapture the spirit of mobility & innovation in the automotive industry & drive high-tech innovation in Ohio,” Franz said.

MRS Electronics is currently working with 5 electronic vehicle companies, he said. It looks to triple in size this year. Franz is seeking connections to local partners & customers, potential employees, and a new, larger office space to make that growth happen.