Meet Judd Plattenburg: avid printer, photographer, paddler

October 31, 2023

One day in 2000, Judd Plattenburg realized he was making his boss at Oregon Printing Communications a lot of money.

So he walked into his office and bought the business.

“I didn’t go to school to be an entrepreneur owner. I never really imagined myself doing that,” he shared. “But I also knew I was kind of running the company. And I was basically making the other owner kind of rich. So I went to him one day, and I don’t know what I was thinking, but I just said, look, I’m going to go work for a big company, or I’m going to buy this company, one of the two.”

His boss agreed, so he visited an accountant, and then his banker.

“I must have been having a pretty good day because I talked to bankers into loaning me enough money to purchase it,” he recalled. “It was a dive head-first into real business ownership.”

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