Magnetic Mobile’s Paul Militello tapped as IT leader

December 3, 2018

Dayton Startup Magnetic Mobile’s VP of IT Paul Militello was recently tapped as an IT leader by regional trade publication Technology First.

He spoke to the publication about culture fit & career advice.

At Magnetic Mobile, employees across the organization are expected to “check their ego at the door,” he said. It’s important to succeed as a team, not work to “outshine each other.”

In practice, that means VP of IT Militello takes his turn at the “unglamorous tasks” — you might find him working maintenance after hours, same as anyone else on his team, he shared.

And of course, company culture improves with public shout-outs and celebrations of individual contributions and team milestones, he added.

The best career advice he ever received was to measure success, not by completed projects or products, but by the customer’s ability to use the product to shift the needle on their initiatives, he shared.

It would be very easy to sign a deal, deliver a product, and then walk away,” he said. “But you’ll have better results if you see yourself as a long-term partner in your customer’s success.”

Read Militello’s full Q&A here.