Local entrepreneur launches a bookmark manager SaaS

July 10, 2018

Do you love how you’re managing your bookmarks?

Most people bookmark a website, but then forget and never see it again. If that’s the life of a bookmark, what’s the point?!

Also many folks are using a mashup of various tools, but it’s a bit of a mess…

  • Leave so many browser tabs open that it crashes
  • Use bookmarks in the browser but they get out of hand
  • Try read later tools like Pocket, but it’s a growing mountain of anxiety

A big problem is most bookmark managers don’t have built in support for all bookmark types. Normally you find three types of bookmarks:

  1. Read/watch later – “I want to read this soon — put it in a queue or remind me on a certain day”
  2. Save for later – “I’ll need this sometime in the future”
  3. To-do – “I need to take an action” — like buy a product before the sale ends or I need to try this tool

So maybe you use Pocket for read later, email to-do links to yourself, and save long-term things in Instapaper.

Brandon Bayer has tried tons of bookmark managers over the years and nothing has worked well. It seems everything solves 80% of bookmarking, but leaves out the most important 20%.

After a couple years of wanting to build a fantastic bookmark manager, he has finally taken the plunge and started building Acorn Bookmark Manager.

Acorn is a cross-platform bookmark manager that will sync across all your devices. It’s being built from the ground up to support all three bookmark types and will focus heavily on reminders and various ways to resurface bookmarks. The organization features will be like lego blocks — easy and simple to get started but allows power users to build a complex system just as they wish.

Brandon has incorporated through Stripe Atlas and is currently doing customer research and interviews.

Sign up for early access at AcornBookmarks.com