Leslie shares Southern hospitality in the Midwest

March 12, 2024

For Diamond Daiquiris founder Leslie Brown, the beverage isn’t just a sweet treat — it’s a taste of home.

Born and raised in the vibrant culture of Louisiana, she now shares Southern hospitality through the window of her mobile beverage truck.

Keeping reading to meet Leslie and hear her story.

Introduce yourself — who are you and what is your company?

Hello there! My name is Leslie, and I’m the proud founder and driving force behind Diamond Daiquiris. Our company isn’t just about serving up delicious beverages and treats. It’s about bringing a piece of Southern charm and hospitality to the Midwest.

I was born and raised amidst the vibrant culture of Louisiana. After serving in the U.S. Navy for several years, I found myself constantly drawn back to my Southern roots, particularly the irresistible allure of daiquiris and sno-balls.

How did your company start?

Diamond Daiquiris was born from a longing for the flavors of home while stationed far away. After serving in the U.S. Navy and experiencing homesickness for the warmth and comfort of Southern treats like daiquiris and sno-balls, the idea of bringing these cherished flavors to the Midwest took root.

In the spring of 2022, Diamond Daiquiris officially opened its mobile doors, offering a taste of the South to the Midwest and beyond. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to spread joy, create moments of connection, and share the flavors of home with all who cross our path.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to serving up Southern hospitality in every sip and scoop remains unwavering.

Why this idea?

It was during my returns home that I realized the joy and comfort found in these beloved treats were not exclusive to the confines of my childhood hometowns. I envisioned a way to share this cherished part of my heritage with the broader community that I now called home. Thus, the concept of Diamond Daiquiris was born. We’re a mobile oasis of flavor, warmth, and Southern hospitality in the heart of the Midwest.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

No, becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t always on my radar. My early aspirations were centered around serving my country, which led me to join the U.S. Navy in 1999. During my time in the service, I was immersed in a world of duty, honor, and adventure — qualities I hold dear to this day.

However, as I found myself stationed far from the familiar sights and sounds of home, a deep homesickness set in. I longed for the comforting flavors and cherished memories of my Southern upbringing, particularly the simple joys of a well-crafted daiquiri and the icy sweetness of a sno-ball.

In those moments of longing, the idea of bringing a taste of home to wherever I found myself became increasingly appealing. It was a way to not only satisfy my own cravings, but also to share a piece of my heritage with others who may be far from home themselves.

How do you embody the Launch Dayton community values?

Launching Diamond Daiquiris was a bold move. It required stepping out of my comfort zone, taking risks, and pursuing a vision that was not only unconventional but also deeply personal. From the decision to bring a taste of the South to the Midwest, to the innovative approaches we take in crafting our products and engaging with customers, boldness is at the core of everything we do.

What identities or life experiences do you bring to entrepreneurship that helped prepare you for this lifestyle?

First and foremost, my background as a military veteran instilled in me a sense of discipline, adaptability, and resilience. Serving in the U.S. Navy taught me the value of teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving under pressure. These are all qualities that are indispensable in the world of business.

What is the biggest barrier you’ve faced on your entrepreneur journey?

One of the biggest barriers I’ve faced is navigating the regulatory and logistical challenges of a mobile food and beverage business.

From securing permits and licenses, to finding suitable locations for setup and operation, there have been numerous bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. Each municipality and jurisdiction has its own set of regulations and requirements.  So it’s a complex and time-consuming process to ensure compliance across the board.

Additionally, sourcing quality ingredients, managing inventory, and coordinating mobile operations present their own obstacles. Balancing the demands of a mobile business while maintaining product consistency and quality requires careful planning, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

But each obstacle we encounter is an opportunity to learn, grow, and refine our operations to enhance the experience we provide our customers.

Why do you love what you do?

My love for the flavors, traditions, and hospitality of the South runs deep. Crafting delicious daiquiris and sno-balls allows me to share a piece of my heritage and celebrate the rich cultural tapestry that shaped my upbringing. There’s something incredibly rewarding about seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they enjoy our products. Being able to create moments of joy and connection for our customers is truly gratifying. And I love the opportunity to unleash my creativity and innovate within the realm of Southern-inspired treats. It’s more than just a business. It’s a labor of love that brings fulfillment and purpose to my life.

What advice would you offer fellow or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Pursue a business idea that aligns with your passions and values. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey. Having genuine enthusiasm for what you do will fuel your motivation and drive you through the inevitable ups and downs.

And remember, building a successful business takes time, effort, and resilience. Expect setbacks and obstacles along the way, but don’t let them deter you. Instead, view challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Persevere with determination and resilience. Embrace adaptability. Stay flexible and open-minded, willing to pivot your strategies or adjust your approach based on changing circumstances and feedback from customers and stakeholders. Happy customers are not only loyal repeat customers, but also powerful advocates for your brand.

How can the Launch Dayton community support you?

January 5, 2024, our Facebook account was hacked, and our account could not be recovered. We are starting our social medial presence on Facebook over. Please follow @diamonddaiquiris2 on Facebook and spread the word!

You can also keep up with Leslie @diamond_daiquiris_llc on IG + Tik Tok.

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