Kaye tackles cleaning in construction zones

February 6, 2024

Kaye Taylor is the owner of Gem City Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services, a cleaning company that specializes in construction cleaning. She’s looking for introductions to developers across Dayton — read on to learn more about her journey and how you can support.

Introduce yourself — who are you and what is your company?

My name is Kaye Taylor, and I am the owner of Gem City Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services. We’re a facility maintenance company specializing in construction cleaning. My goal as an entrepreneur is to tap into male-dominated construction opportunities. My company does everything from power washing to car detailing.

How did your company start?

In 2019, after being unemployed for three years, I decided to start a residential cleaning company. In 2020, all the businesses closed down, but were in need of cleaning. At that time, I decided to get certified in bio hazard cleaning. Shortly after, we had the opportunity to help a new development in Centerville. That contract put me in a different revenue bracket, which allowed me to expand the business to Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida.

Why this idea?

I have been an educator for over 20 years, but I didn’t want to go back to working for somebody else for money. I also wanted to provide jobs for individuals who could not get employment because of their past. As a second employer, I can help those individuals with a hand up and not a handout.

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

Yes, I have been an entrepreneur since I was 12 years old, selling candy in class.

How do you embody Launch Dayton community values?

As a minority woman of color, I have been bold enough to take a stand in a predominately male role. I welcome everyone who applies for a job whether they be young, different nationality, or need a second chance. I believe in the people. Whatever mistake they made in the past, it’s just that, the past. Also, as the owner of the company, I assist my employees by helping them remove barriers that hinder them, such as lack of child support and driver privileges. We partner with Montgomery County Reentry, Welcome Dayton, and Youth Works.

What is the biggest barrier you’ve faced on your entrepreneur journey?

Hiring the wrong people and allowing others to be the face of my company!

Why do you love what you do?

I am a social entrepreneur. I love being in the room with millionaires. I’ve learned that the more you surround yourself with like-minded people, the more you will succeed.

What advice would you offer fellow or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be all you can be! Stand out, strategically plan your business logically, and don’t overdo it. Start small and crawl before you walk.

How can the Launch Dayton community support you?

I’m looking for introductions to developers in downtown Dayton and its surrounding areas.

Connect with Kaye at [email protected].

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