Help KickStart a new Dayton Startup, Neet Seat

August 7, 2017

Finally. A place to store your things at the game or concert. Millions of fans each year attend games, concerts, and other live events but have no space for storage of personal items.  Coats, purses, hats, gloves, blankets, sunglasses, keys, wallets, phones, etc. are either stored on the floor, held in your lap, or placed in your pocket, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and inconvenienced as you take in the show.

The Neet Seat is a first-of-its-kind device that easily slips over a stadium or arena seat and provides a place to store your items, keeping them clean and providing you a greater level of comfort as you watch. This patent-pending product is easy to install and easily transportable. Just fold it up and put it in your pocket.  So free your hands, relax, and enjoy the show – with the Neet Seat.

Zach McHale, the founder of Neet Seat took home the $25,000 prize at this year’s Flyer Pitch competition. He’s now ready to take his business to the next level and is using KickStarter for market validation of his stadium storage solution.

Neet Seat is on pace to exceed its $5,000 goal with just under a month to go in its campaign and under $1,000 left to raise. You can be one of the first to score this awesome product for as little as a $25 pledge on KickStarter. Zach hopes to start shipping in November–which is just in time for those who want to #GiveDayton this holiday season!