Good news roundup Winter 2019: Celebrate with these area entrepreneurs!

December 20, 2019

We’re celebrating milestones big and small with our entrepreneurs and founders! See what our awesome startups have been up to the last couple months, in no particular order:

Arcani Coil Care surpassed $1M in sales in 2019. Congrats, Jerricha!

Tae Winston held the grand opening of The Entrepreneur’s Marketplace. Congrats, Tae!

Amber Tipton, founder of Neighborhood Nest, was named the next adjunct teacher for Sinclair Community College’s dietetics department. Congrats, Amber!

NaAsiaha Simon & Associates bought a new office space. Congrats, Ny!

Reza’s Roast got a shoutout in Huffington Post. Congrats, Audria!

Conscious Connect was recognized as an honoree for the Library of Congress’ Literacy Awards. Congrats, Karlos & Moses!

Theia & Savorista made it to round two of University of Dayton’s Flyer Pitch business plan competition. Congrats Nicole, Bernard, Kait!

Ghostlight opened its second location at 800 S. Patterson Blvd. Congrats, Shane!

PIPE AG was named the winner of Springfield Hustles. Congrats, Roark!

Mutt’s Sauce launched sales on Amazon Prime. Congrats, Charlynda!