GlobalFlyte named Soin Award for Innovation winner

April 23, 2019

Dayton startup GlobalFlyte, whose mission is to provide unparalleled service to first responders through innovative technology solutions, is the 2019 Soin Award for Innovation winner.

“The quality of applications we receive each year continues to grow and the level of true innovation occurring in our region is astounding,” Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Phil Parker said. “As we watched GlobalFlyte mature over the past year, their enthusiasm, passion and commitment to innovation and to saving lives and property really resonated with our panel of judges.”

GlobalFlyte’s team of seasoned public safety professionals license cutting edge technology from the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) and integrate it into commercially developed mapping, imaging and smart phone technologies to provide emergency responders with a cloud-based service to cut through chaos and better coordinate emergency response.

“On behalf of our entire team, we are extremely proud to be to be chosen as the 2019 Soin Award for Innovation award winner, and we thank the Soin Family and the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce for this honor,” GlobalFlyte President and COO Tim Shaw said. “GlobalFlyte is very proud of its innovative cloud-hosted and easily deployable solution for first responders. We help clear the fog of chaos by giving the incident commander tools to make enhanced decisions to protect life and property.”

The platform enables directional sound to distinguish overlapping audio transmissions, real-time tracking of responders and mapping of the scene, secure chat and image transmission capabilities between responding team members to keep valuable audio channels open, and automatic transcribing of audio transmissions.

“This integration creates a unique robust situational awareness solution for our local government public safety users responding to emergency and crisis incident,” Shaw said.

One of the innovative ways that GlobalFlyte will utilize the Soin Award cash prize will be to offer grants to area public safety departments to help offset the cost of using the GlobalFlyte platform.

The Soin Award for Innovation is designed to help innovative businesses take their ideas to the next level. The ideal applicant demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit through a unique recently- or soon-to-be introduced product or service that will have the ability to sustain long-term growth for the company, increase local employment, and assist in the creation of economic prosperity within the region.

With generous support of chamber members, especially Soin LLC and the Rajesh K. Soin family, the Chamber’s Education and Public Improvement (EPI) Foundation presents the Soin Award for Innovation at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting each spring.