Four Reasons You Should Build a Team

October 16, 2023

By Te’Jal Cartwright, Founder, What’s The Biz

Building the right team for your business can be a complete game changer for an entrepreneur.

A team can make things ten times easier for you. And you might be surprised at how much your business increases when you connect with people that have a similar vision and passion! Almost 20% of new businesses fail within the first year, and I can’t help but wonder what that number would look like if more people started with a team.

When I officially started producing episodes of What’s the Biz with TJ in 2019, I was a one-woman show. I remember grabbing my camera, going to people’s homes or store fronts, and inviting them to my Dad’s house just to do the interviews. Then I edited the videos as best as I could with my few video editing skills, and I tapped my beginner social media skills to market the shows.

I was exhausted by the fourth episode of the first season. Ultimately, I ended up releasing back-to-back episodes in November just to get it done.

I was slowly losing interest in my passion because it became so overwhelming, especially while I also worked a full-time job and raised a growing toddler.

Sound familiar?

Find your people

One day, I expressed how tired I was to a friend, and he encouraged me to invest in a team. “You could hire someone to do the editing, and you could hire someone for social media marketing,” he said convincingly. I pondered his suggestion. How would I afford a team? Who would I ask? Where would I start?

I stopped pondering and just put myself out there. Ultimately, I met some super talented women that are still on the WTB team today — shoutout to Jena Perry and Samarah Poe! They changed WTB for the better.

So, based on my experience, here are my top four reasons to build a team:

  1. Increase in quality of content/product
  2. Support with troubleshooting and ideation
  3. Decline in stress levels & increase in mental wellness
  4. Increase in capacity, leading to more clients

Building a team can be difficult, but there are very few things that communication and understanding can’t solve. It’s important to move with empathy and always do your best to be a team player.

Part of our conversation during this final season is how collaboration and team-building can make things easier for Black business owners. What would it look like if more people worked together to accomplish a common goal?

Without a team, WTB4 would have gone in a totally different direction. I can’t imagine how I would’ve navigated our challenges on my own. I am so proud of this final season we’ve produced together, and I can’t for you all to see our all-star team in action in the Oct. 18 premiere!

Launch Dayton is thrilled to partner with Te’Jal and her team to produce the final season of What’s the Biz. Stay tuned to socials and our newsletter as episodes drop!