4 tips to overcome seasonal blues

November 21, 2023

By Te’Jal Cartwright, Founder, What’s The Biz

Let’s take a break from WTB4 talk for a moment and talk about something most of us experience — seasonal depression.

Seasonal depression is a real thing! It’s caused by weather change, holidays, and the end of the year in general. But as entrepreneurs, we know that our businesses cannot function without us. So here are some things that have worked for me during this time of the year.

Take a moment for yourself

Be intentional, take a moment for yourself everyday. I try to wake up early in the morning by 5 am! It’s my favorite time of the day, and everyone in my house is still asleep.

Find your favorite time and do small things that keep you sane, like journaling your dreams, sipping tea or coffee, watching trash tv, or meditating. Do something that is completely unassociated with your business.

Connect with intentional healing communities.

I love watching sermons and attending healing circles at The HeArt! We live in a crazy world, and we’d be remiss to think that it doesn’t affect us. Doing things to soothe and heal my spirit keeps me going and paves a better feeling for everything else.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

You may feel alone and isolated, but that’s not truth! So many people are experiencing mood changes during this time as well. Try to find entrepreneurs in the same predicament and work to hold each other accountable.

Try to get ahead of it

If you’re someone that experiences these moods every year, try to pinpoint when it usually starts, and provide a cushion for yourself beforehand. This could look like preparing work and content ahead of time, communicating to your clients that November and December are slow months for you, or changing your hours. There are so many things that you can do to take care of yourself and people understand that. Identify your needs and make sure you communicate them.

It’s important to listen to your body and slow down if you are experiencing winter blues. Your business can’t function if you’re not well!

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