Don’t forget to celebrate your entrepreneur journey

December 19, 2023

By Te’Jal Cartwright, Founder, What’s The Biz

Celebrating yourself is essential to the entrepreneur journey.

Too often, we focus on the next accomplishment rather than acknowledging the work we’ve already put in.

Take What’s the Biz with TJ for example. Four seasons of an independent web series is an amazing feat! We highlighted 150+ businesses, connected Black-owned businesses with resources, especially during Covid, and paid over a dozen local contractors through our creative partnerships. But I was always consumed with the politics that come with working to empower the Black economy and felt like I was never doing enough. I had to learn the value of celebrating myself and how it can benefit one’s spirit.

Here are three thing I discovered about why it’s so important to celebrate every step:

  1. Celebrating yourself reestablishes your worthiness

    When you take the time to celebrate yourself, you intentionally acknowledge all the good things you are able to do! It’s a reminder of how awesome you are. This gives you energy to keep going and maybe even do more!

  2. Celebrating yourself gives you an opportunity to pause and reflect

    Everyone that I know works extremely hard without looking up, but taking the moment to celebrate allows you to recognize all the wonderful things you’ve done, which inherently creates space for new ideas. When you celebrate your work, you recognize the wins. By recognizing the wins in your life, you create the space for more wins!

  3. Celebrating yourself inspires others

    A lot of times we try to keep ourselves small because being big is uncomfortable for us. So we keep our accomplishments to ourselves because we fear distressing others. But I encourage you to do the opposite. You never know who will be inspired by your accomplishments. I’ve connected with so many budding media creatives that were inspired by WTB and felt empowered by someone creating their own platform. These connections wouldn’t have come if I’d played it small and not acknowledged our team’s hard work.

That being said, I want to invite you to celebrate What’s the Biz with TJ and the end of an era on Jan. 10 at The Hub!

If you’ve been impacted by What’s the Biz in any way, we’d love to see you there! This is an opportunity to uplift our collective impact since 2018. We’d like to acknowledge all of the work we’ve done together, all of the connections made through this series, and the amazing things we’re looking forward to in the future. We’ll have food, storytelling, and a special premiere of our final episode. Thank you for your support  —we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Launch Dayton is thrilled to partner with Te’Jal and her team to produce the final season of What’s the Biz. Check out Ep. 1, Ep. 2, and Ep. 3 today!