Educate, Inspire, Connect: Join the Startup Grind Dayton Team in 2019

November 14, 2018

A guest post by Candace Dalmagne-Rouge, Startup Grind Dayton.

Occasionally I get asked why I continue to be part of Startup Grind Dayton. After three years, I’ve been asking myself the same question.

I’ve realized so much of why I originally joined the chapter three years ago still resonates with me. Then and now, I see the impact that entrepreneurship can have on an individual, a city, and an economy – bringing innovation, prosperity, and growth at every level. I continue to feel inspired by helping make Dayton a place I want to live – telling positive stories, connecting people to resources and opportunities, and building stronger relationships.

While I renew my love for this organization, I’m looking for people who share my passion for Dayton and our entrepreneurs to join the Startup Grind Dayton team.

What is Startup Grind?

Startup Grind is a global startup community, actively educating, inspiring and connecting 3.5 million entrepreneurs in more than 525 cities. Founded in Silicon Valley, we nurture startup ecosystems in 125 countries through local and international events and partnerships with organizations like Google for Startups.

Our values are what set us apart. We believe in making friends not contacts, in giving not taking, and helping others before helping ourselves. These values are what continue to drive us in Dayton, and so many people around the world.

Join Startup Grind Dayton

Since 2015, the Startup Grind Dayton chapter has featured more than 30 successful local and national founders, innovators, educators, and investors who have shared lessons learned on the road to building great companies. They have told their authentic story and shared wisdom on topics from blockchain to being on Shark Tank to starting a brewery to using improv in business.

We’ve built a great foundation over the past three years, but we know we’re just getting started. In year four, we want to expand beyond traditional networking formats and think differently about how we educate, inspire, and connect our local entrepreneurs. Through a combination of unique experiences, authentic connections, inclusivity, and storytelling, we want to be the place where entrepreneurs belong in Dayton – the front porch to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In doing so, we’re looking for people who want to help shape and bring this vision to life. If this speaks to you, apply to join our team in Dayton. We’ll be taking applications until December 3, 2018.

If this resonates with you but you don’t live in Dayton, you can apply to open a chapter in your city and join the largest independent community of entrepreneurs.

We want to be the place where entrepreneurs belong in Dayton

At the very least, check out one of our events. Our next session is on Monday, December 17 from 5:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m where we’ll have amazing food, great conversations with Dayton entrepreneurs and a panel on rethinking the hustle mentality – perfect timing as we enter the holiday season. We can’t wait to see you. Reserve your spot at:

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