Dayton Tech Guide has a new team member!

August 2, 2018

This week we welcomed a new face to the Dayton Tech Guide team. We are excited to introduce our new Events & Social Media Coordinator, Audrey Ingram!

Say “hello” to Audrey!

“I’ve been watching all of the exciting things happening in the Dayton startup scene and have been fangirling in the corner, so I’m excited to be a part!”

What should you know about Audrey?

Audrey grew up just north of Dayton. After graduating high school, she attended Wilmington College, during which time she landed her first job working for a newspaper where the journalism bug got a hold of her.

“I love to hear and tell people’s stories.”

After college she looked for full-time journalism work and landed a job in Iowa. She made the move and had a blast connecting with a whole new community of people and experiencing a different area of the country. Ultimately, though, she made the move back to Dayton to be near family, taking a job tackling social media work for Dayton Contemporary Dance Company. That position allowed her to explore photography and writing in a whole new way, focusing on creating content that really drew people and captured their attention.

What will she be doing with Dayton Tech Guide?

Audrey will be connecting with people like yourself to better capture the stories of exciting new things that are happening in our community to share via our website and social media. Also she’ll be taking the reins on organizing some of our monthly events, like Pints & Preneurs and Early Risers, and she’ll be helping us create new events and engagement opportunities, as we continue our work to build a better connected business ecosystem.

What other fun facts should you know about Audrey?

She loves any opportunity to poke around in and explore old buildings in Dayton, and she loves engaging in the arts community.

She’s also super pumped to get to know you, so help us get Audrey better connected in our startup community by stopping by our office at 444 or joining us at Pints & Preneurs or Early Risers to introduce yourself!