Dayton syringe co named most promising startup

July 30, 2019

Dayton startup True Concepts Medical, brainchild of Mick Hopkins, has been named 2019’s most promising startup by the Quality & Safety Education for Nurses International Forum.

Mick has invented a series of new syringe technologies capable of revolutionizing healthcare across the globe. The first of these technologies, Diversyn, has the potential to reduce false blood cultures by up to 92%. The second, S.A.F.E., can save lives during cardiac arrest by ensuring the proper saline flush automatically follows the administration of epinephrine.

He exhibited prototypes of these devices at the annual QSEN conference, held in Cleveland at the end of May. He was one of seven companies set up to demo products to the 150+ nursing leaders from across the country during a new “Evolving Ideas in Healthcare” event.

These leaders tapped Mick’s company for the award for the most promising innovation in healthcare technology for quality and safety.

“I knew that people would be interested since it was a nursing conference, and they would get it, but the overwhelming acceptance of devices was humbling,” Mick said.

Several of the hospital leaders were interested in purchasing the syringes, and the Institute is willing to help market the devices when the time comes, which will hopefully be within the next two years, he said.

There were also great questions from these future end users, including suggested applications Mick hadn’t explored, such as use in dialysis treatment, he added.

Other products demoed at the QSEN conference included analytics-driven software apps, a new chest-tube technology, & a learning platform for nurses.

Mick holds 4 U.S. patents for his syringe technologies & has multiple international patent applications pending. He’s currently raising funds to manufacture a full prototype run and clear FDA regulations. Ultimately, he hopes to license the technology to an existing medical device manufacturing company.