Dayton startup Third Wave Water launches new product

April 15, 2019

Dayton startup Third Wave Water launched a new product last week — a new inline water system created for specialty coffee cafes.

The water system is named ‘Tethys,’ a Greek Titaness for freshwater. It was on display to the attendees of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Boston on Friday. Only 100 of these inline water systems will be pre-sold at the SCA Expo for the entire year of 2019.

“Café owners have a long list of items to decrypt in order to provide the best experience possible for their customers: equipment, coffee beans, water quality and more. Helping them worry less by providing the best easy-to-use water solution is our job,” cofounder Charles Nick said.

The patent-pending Tethys inline water system uses new technology never seen in the café water industry: LED UV treatment and a powder dosing system together with a complete plug-and-play water system.

“Having owned a coffee roaster and a café for ten years, I could never find a water system that provided the level of quality I sought after,” cofounder Taylor Minor added. “This is the water system that I always dreamed of.”

The debut is the next step for Third Wave Water, which gained national attention in 2017 when the founders pitched the mineral products on the television show Shark Tank.

“Shark Tank introduced our mineral products to a mainstream audience, but providing the perfect water solution for cafés was always on the product road map when we launched in 2016,” Charles said.

Some of Tethys’s key benefits include:

  • The optimum water profile for espresso machines and batch brewers while providing quality saturation for coffee.
  • The system creates a consistent water profile between multiple café locations.
  • 250 gallons per day (GPD) with a 40-gallon storage tank and 60 psi to the café.
  • Hassle-free maintenance by implementing PdM- and aviation-quality support manuals.