Dayton founder offers new take on baby food

February 18, 2020

A Dayton mompreneur is looking to shake up the baby food industry with her idea for frozen baby food cubes.

Kourtney Terry launched her baby food prep business Taste-T-Love Baby Food about two years ago, after the birth of her son. She was making food for her own baby, and decided to leave her job in corporate health to launch her company.

She pitched her company at our January 2020 edition of Early Risers.

Taste-T-Love baby food is made with natural ingredients that are organic and local when available. Kourtney’s most popular flavor is apple mango. The food is made for babies age 0 to 2 years old. She has primarily been selling pouches of fresh, homemade baby food at farmers markets.

But Kourtney has her eyes on retail shelves — specifically, freezer shelves.

“When you’re at home, and you’re a mom making baby food, you use ice cube trays,” she said. “You pop them in, put them in the freezer, they last up to a couple months. But you can’t buy frozen baby food in the grocery stories here.”

Kourtney wants to change that. In Ohio alone, there were more than 138K babies born in 2016. By 2026, the baby food industry is projected to reach $18.23B.

“It’s something I really think is important for moms to have, it’s another way of getting food that is shelf-sustainable without all the added preservatives,” she said. “I’m passionate about health & food and starting babies off on that healthy foot. They say what you do in the first 30 years catches up in the next 30 years. I want to be that person who helps local parents start off on the right foot.”

Kourtney is seeking business mentorship and connections to marketing experts & a nutritionist. Reach her at [email protected].