Dayton entrepreneurs to launch startup in 24 hours

August 2, 2019

Noah Bragg and Drew Bidlen are going to launch a startup in 24 hours — and they’re going to do it live.

“Sometimes the best way to figure out if an idea will work is to launch it,” Noah said. “We could waste a lot of time researching. Can we put something out that fast for people to try and get feedback?”

The two entrepreneurs are cofounders of CoffeePass, an app that enables local, independent coffee shops to offer the same order ahead of their large chain-store competitors.

Their livestream startup launch is a side project — they’ll be building a piece of software designed to help people with their morning routine.

“We like to think about productivity,” Noah said. “We wanted to find something relatively simple that would be fun to try and get out to test. We want to make something that that will make it easier to wake up and get out of bed.”

They’ll be live-streaming the software development on Twitch. Folks watching will be able to see their faces and their monitors as the duo builds the productivity software. They’ll share thoughts throughout the process — why they’re using this tool for this solution, why this code — to help teach people how they can also prototype an idea fast, Noah said.

The duo also expects to learn a lot themselves by going through the process, he added.

Once the software is finished, they’ll launch it on Product Hunt, a website where users can upvote software they like. Products that reach the top of Product Hunt often experience up to 10K website hits in a single day, Noah shared.

Noah and Drew will also be donating half of any revenue generated by the new product to Charity Water, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing access to clean, safe drinking water to communities across the globe.

They’ll kick off their 24-hour window at 6am on Saturday, Aug. 10. Catch the link at