Curafied: A Way to Monetize Your Content

November 14, 2017

Stop giving away all of your valuable content for free on platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.!

An innovative way for you to sell your online content is currently in the beta phase. Curafied, founded by Arielle Jordan, is a new way to monetize your content. Designed for digital curators, experts, and tastemakers like you, this online program allows you to generate revenue through online subscriptions to your premium content.

Curators can include experts in their respective fields of study, bloggers, fitness and life coaches, celebrities, publishers, television and radio shows, and many more! This will allow all of the hard work to pay off, literally! Content can range and there is no limit to what can be published. Some examples include:

  • Bloggers – to monetize their content
  • Experts – to monetize their expertise
  • Coaches/Trainers/Instructors – to monetize their courses and training
  • Social Media Stars/Celebrities – to monetize ‘exclusive’ content
  • Publishers – to monetize ‘premium’ or ‘exclusive’ content and information
  • Students – to monetize updates to friends and family while at school or abroad
  • Nonprofits, Clubs, Schools & Churches – to monetize updates and information
  • Museums & Libraries – to monetize updates and ‘exclusive’ content
  • Hobbyists – to monetize their content, tutorials and information
  • TV & Radio Shows – to monetize their content
  • Graphic Artists & Photographers – to monetize images and graphics as ‘stock’

The process is simple. Users sign up for an account and begin posting their premium content. Once the page is set up, users will share their new page and encourage readers to subscribe. The subscription is affordable to anyone; just $2.99 per month! As a curator, you will earn $1 per subscriber. Curators will be paid at the conclusion of the month for the subscribers to their channel. The more subscribers, the more money you can raise!

Sign up for the beta if you would like to start monetizing your content!

And be sure to check out Arielle pitching Curafied at this year’s Catalyst event. Registration is now open.