CRG and Freedom Atlantic partner to advance battery technology

August 15, 2023

Cornerstone Research Group and Freedom Atlantic are teaming up to advance battery technology to support the warfighter.

The strategic relationship was facilitated by Rushlight Ventures. CRG will leverage its expertise in Li-metal battery cells to tailor low-temperature Li-metal battery cell chemistry specifically for Freedom Atlantic’s high-energy multiband inter/intra-team radio and small tactical universal batteries.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Freedom Atlantic to push the boundaries of battery technology for defense applications,” CRG Vice President of Power Systems Brian Henslee said. This proprietary technology allows the battery cells to operate under extreme environmental conditions and extended equipment run time to significantly enhance defense capabilities and support critical battlefield operations.

Under the Memorandum Of Understanding, Freedom Atlantic will exclusively manufacture and distribute MBITR and STUB battery packs using CRG’s advanced battery cell chemistry. This collaboration aligns with Department of Defense efforts in energy storage and batteries to mitigate supply chain risks and leverage the commercial industry

“Our partnership represents a significant step toward securing a robust battery supply chain, meeting warfighter needs, and bolstering national security,” CRG President Chris Hemmelgarn said.

Freedom Atlantic’s dedication to delivering real-world solutions, combined with CRG’s pioneering research and development in aerospace systems, advanced manufacturing, power and energy, medical and sensors, and hypersonic systems, creates a powerful partnership for addressing the nation’s defense requirements.

“We are excited to partner with CRG to deliver innovative battery solutions to our DoD customers,” Freedom Atlantic Chief Technology Officer Ken Jillson said. “With CRG’s advanced battery cell technology, we can provide real-world solutions that overcome the unique challenges when operating in extreme temperature environments.”

Through this partnership, CRG and Freedom Atlantic aim to strengthen the U.S. battery strategy, optimize defense capabilities, and reinforce the nation’s position as a leader in battery technology.

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