Catching up with Wright Venture 2018 winner Madzi

May 8, 2018

Each year Wright State University holds a pitch competition known as Wright Venture. Wright Venture is modeled after the famous TV show “Shark Tank.” This gives young entrepreneurs the chance to step outside their comfort zone and show investors what wonderful ideas they have to help others. This year a company known as Madzi LLC won the competition and a $5,000 cash prize. The group is composed of 5 Engineering students: Brendan Gallagher, Gabe Adkins-Lamb, Jacob Jadischke, Dominick Pistone, and Samantha Keller. Each student had a different task for the development of the company, ranging from prototype manufacturing to marketing and social presence.


When asked what originally inspired them to start their company, Brendan said that they had a class where they had to solve a major world issue. He had previously went on a mission trip to Africa, sparking his passion to solve the challenge of the lack of clean water in third-world countries. The team was originally drawn to the Wright Venture Competition for pitching their idea by Gabe, who encouraged the team to pursue the competition to boost their idea.


Looking forward, the team hopes to patent their product. They are also working on modifying and improving the product before putting it out for public use. They also are looking to get a stronger social media presence. The Madzi team’s ultimate business goal is to partner with others to benefit as many people in other countries as possible. They want to increase the standard of living for those in third-world countries.


Madzi, LLC is currently looking for any promotional help. You can check them out via their social media handle @officialmadzi or their website