Ascend Receives $150K for Cancer Analysis

January 30, 2018

Ascend Innovations hopes to assist in the cancer treatment process. Formed by many hospitals within the Dayton area, Ascend hopes to create a “Community Cancer Assessment” to better treat and predict outcomes for patients.

Compiling data from the members of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, specifically the nearly 14 million unique patient encounters, will help the “Community Cancer Assessment” come together. Data collected will include mortality rates, specific types of treatments, types of cancers, and many more unique factors. This data collected will shed light on how cancer affects our community as a whole.

This important tool will help to predict the outcome probabilities for patients. The assessment will be able to provide lifespans to individuals with specific cancers and similar risk factors. In addition,  the assessment will inform the Scientific Advisory Council.

The Scientific Advisory Council Ascend plans to stand up will play a very important role in cancer research for the Dayton area. With the “Community Cancer Assessment”, the Scientific Advisory Council will play a role in informing decision makers responsible for allocating funding to the community. For example, if the Community Cancer Assessment revealed that breast cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in Dayton, the Scientific Advisory Council may recommend funding more proposals related to breast cancer.

In order to help fund this project, the Gala of Hope pledged $150,000 to Ascend to complete the community assessment. The Gala of Hope is a philanthropic organization that hopes to assist in the finding of the cure to cancer.

The goal for project completion is by the end of this year.

Ascend hopes to further its research to solve many other issues, such as the opioid epidemic. To learn more about Ascend, visit their website at