500 Ideas to Action: Tell Your Entrepreneurial Story

December 15, 2017

Imagine what our community would look like on January 1st of 2019 if 500 entrepreneurs started a business over the next year. What if 500 companies launched a new product or service?

How many additional people would be employed? How much stronger would our economy be?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are vital drivers of our economy. Yet too often they go unknown and unrewarded until they become mega-corporations.

We, as a community, must do better. We have to support these risk takers and tell their story. That’s where 500 Ideas to Action comes in.

In 2018, our community will support at least 500 steps forward for entrepreneurs. 500 new business incorporations. 500 new product launches. 500 new storefront openings. 500 first employee hires. 500 of whatever the next steps are for our entrepreneurs.

More importantly, we will tell their authentic story. The one about their journey to success, and not just the transaction that occurred. We will inspire a community of people to take action and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Because in the Dayton of tomorrow everyone, regardless of their background, should have the ability to determine their own economic prosperity.


Starting January 1st of 2018, 500IdeasDayton.com will continually be updated with the stories of Dayton-area entrepreneurs as they hit major milestones in their startup. Milestones could include:

-Starting a business

-Getting a new storefront or office

-Launching a new product

-Getting a first customer or contract

-Getting an investment

-Licensing/spinning out a technology

-Getting acquired

-Getting a new patent

-Launching a crowdfunding campaign

-Firing a first employee

Stories can be submitted on 500IdeasDayton.com and can be written, video, or audio. A local member of our startup community will review and post all stories within a week.