Wright State University 2017 Venture Competition

April 3, 2017

For a long time, people thought that entrepreneurship was not something you could learn in a classroom or out of a book. Times have changed. More and more major universities are finding fascinating ways to encourage and educate young and hopeful entrepreneurs. A lot is at stake for “studentpreneurs.” It isn’t easy to make your dream into a reality, but many of the young collegiate entrepreneurs are doing it every year!

Dayton is known as a breeding ground for innovative thought and the birthplace of the entrepreneurial spirit. With our rich history of invention, and the countless number of new creations coming from the Gem City every year, we know what lies around the corner for Dayton. It’s no wonder that the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well at Wright State University.

On March 29th, the winner of a new venture competition was selected. The winner of the competition receives a $5,000 loan from the generous donations of James Family Foundation and the support of local entrepreneur visionaries. The hope is that they use these resources to create a sustainable foundation for their business and execute the plans they developed in preparation for the competition.

The winner of the competition this year is Gabriel Tamborski, an engineering student from the university. His new concept for a cheaper, easier to use, and quality 3D printer, fascinated the judges referred to as the “Wolves.”┬áTamborski’s printer makes 3D printing accessible to DIY enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for our next blog, as we follow Gabriel in the beginnings of his entrepreneurial journey.

For more information on Wright Venture, check out their website!