The benefits of co-working

January 23, 2017

Scientists have been trying to understand the environments that employees thrive in for years. In a recent study, researchers reported that people who belong to these co-working spaces report higher levels of thriving and a feeling of fulfillment in the work they do. Compared to employees who work from regular offices, they scored a whole point higher on average. Who can work from these spaces? Well, really anyone. Freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals can share their work space in a communal setting while enjoying the benefits that these innovative spaces offer. These individuals can work for a wide range of various companies, ventures, or individual projects.

Many of these spaces carry a more relaxed feel which prevents the direct competition or internal politics within your traditional office spaces. It also creates a culture that encourages collaboration across all levels and hampers the work persona some of us put on when we are in the office. The culture of a co-working space is that it normalizes giving each other assistance on projects and encouraging a collaborative spirit amongst the individuals. The person sitting next may have a skill set that you need and don’t have at your disposal. The physical closeness of that individual allows you to easily communicate and benefit from.

So easy collaboration, relaxed work environment, space that encourages meaningful work. Who wouldn’t want to work there? Well, do you already have an office? No worries! You can still join. In fact, that research shows that spending time away from the office can encourage innovative thoughts and spark new ideas. Co-working is also a more affordable way to attain a high-class work space. These spaces are typically in stellar locations that may otherwise be unattainable. They are designed with quality and functionality in mind, allowing you to be comfortable while you work. There is no pressure with long leases, increasing the flexibility of co-working even further. Because there is no need to purchase entities necessary for an operating office, like desks, printers, or lighting, overhead costs are greatly reduced. Dealing with seemingly constant repairs, service fees and office maintenance are a thing of the past when co-working. These spaces usually involved a reasonably priced membership fee and extra costs associated with having a designated desk for office space for your team.

Interested in experiencing what it is like to be in a co-working space or want to try it out before you make a decision? We have some events on our calendar you should check out. Nucleus, a co-working space right here in Dayton has a free workday on Friday, February 3rd. This is a reoccurring event on the first Monday of every month.

We also have an open co-working day at the Top in the Dayton Racquet Club from 9am-6pm. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with some of Dayton’s most creative entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and difference-makers. We will see you there!

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