What’s Happening At Dayton Startup Week

September 14, 2016

Picture this – hundreds of entrepreneurs and local dreamers gathered together to learn, laugh, and grow. That’s a snapshot of Dayton’s very first Startup Week. With ninety nine speakers and over seventy different events, Startup Week is a dynamic resource for startups at every stage of growth.

Startup Week’s goal is celebrate entrepreneurship in the community and give aspiring entrepreneurs the resources and connections they need to succeed. If you look across the venue you’ll see intense conversations about development and potential happenings over cups of locally roasted coffee. Walk a little further and you’ll observe a cluster of entrepreneurs scribbling on legal pads while startup experts offer sage advice from the stage. As you scan the room, you’ll notice a mix of young and old, experienced and inexperienced, formal and casual. 

How can you describe Dayton Startup Week in one word? Collaboration. This week Dayton entrepreneurs and community members are coming together to support each other in their next steps. The people that are using business to make Dayton a great place are gathered together to teach,  learn, and engage. We’ve heard from tech companies, marketers, venture capitalists, and coffee roasters. It’s diverse, but unified with the vision of making Dayton a better place to live, work, and play. 

Dayton Startup Week proves a very simple concept: Things work when people come together. This week is just the beginning of great things for entrepreneurs all across the region, but it all started with a few local entrepreneurs stepping up to encourage their fellow dreamers to keep growing, keep learning, and keep finding ways to make Dayton a place where innovation happens.