Fronana is celebrating “the good Thymes” with this expansion

August 8, 2016

Facebook Image: @FronanaForLife

Facebook Image: @FronanaForLife

Exciting news for Fronana! Our favorite #startupdayton banana-crazed company that adds a healthy twist to frozen desserts is expanding. This week they announced that their well-loved ice cream alternative will be making an appearance in Fresh Thyme freezers around the nation. From Chicago to Detroit, health-conscious individuals with a sweet tooth will have the chance to get a little taste of what’s happening right here in Dayton.

Congrats to Fronana Founder Bobby Walker and his team on their continued success! 


To learn more about Fronana and hear about Bobby’s journey to bring his frozen treat to the masses, attend Dayton Startup Week, where Bobby will be speaking about scaling a food operation and starting up after a military career.