5 Things You Should Know about Dayton Before You Begin your Startup

August 31, 2016

Dayton was the Silicon Valley before Silicon Valley was even a thing! Although the tech capital of the world may be on the other side of the country for now, Dayton is coming back as a place where new ideas and innovation can thrive. Before starting your business in Dayton, check out our top 5 things you should know about the Gem City.

#1: Daytonians are changing the world and have been for some time

                To say Dayton has been hotbed for innovation would be a downright understatement. If we forget what we all know came out of Dayton (the airplane), there is still an enormous running list of new technologies and ideas that come right out of the Gem City. In fact, Dayton has the most patents per capita of any city in the nation. Need another example? Every time you turn the key in your car to get it started, you have Charles Kettering and Dayton Engineering Laboratories Co. to thank. They placed the first electric engine system into cars in approximately 1912. Where would you be without this? Cranking your engine by hand, that’s where!  Dayton is a place for new ideas and has a culture and a history of discovery and invention. 

#2:  Dayton sits on one of the biggest crossroads in America

                Two of the nation’s busiest freeways, I-70 and I-75, cross paths in the Dayton region. This means Daytonians enjoy short commute times to many different major cities and have access to suppliers, distributors, vendors, and customers. According to the Dayton Development Coalition, Dayton has a well-established infrastructure that puts its businesses within 600 miles of 53% of the U.S. populations.

#3: Dayton is full of resources and opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

                Unless you are already an engaged entrepreneur in the Dayton area, you probably aren’t aware of the many resources that are available to you. Nucleus in Downtown Dayton is a technology accelerator, business incubator, and co-working space that has a cool vibe and an energetic culture of collaboration. Got a limited budget? There are several Small Business Development Centers in the region that help business launch, sustain, and grow, and get this—their service is absolutely free. Want to stay in the know about all entrepreneurial events, news, and additional resources? Dayton Tech Guide is the portal to find the information and connections you need (No, we’re not above a bit of shameless self-promotion!). Our monthly pitch event, Early Risers, gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their companies to an audience of business leaders, angel investors, and community supporters who lend their connections, expertise, and ideas to help our startups grow.

#4: Daytonians know how to cook and eat good food! 

                Want to live and work in a community that knows how to have a good time? Dayton not only has good food but also showcases a wide variety of craft beer every year at local breweries and restaurants. And let’s not forget about the incredible amount of festivals hosted not just in Downtown but also in the suburbs. Need something a little more impressive to do with a visiting vendor or customer? Head to the Schuster Center or the Victoria Theatre for a theatrical performance or check out a concert at the Fraze Pavillion.

#5: Dayton’s first Startup Week is coming Sept.12th-16th

                Startup Week has taken place in cities all over the world over the last 6 years, and this year Dayton is hosting its own Startup Week for the first time! This is going to be an awesome opportunity for many new businesses or established businesses to come and partake in a week full of events solely devoted to the progression of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Dayton area. Meet other entrepreneurs, potential team members, and potential mentors for you and your business. Learn from established business leaders by exploring the various conference tracks throughout the week. Don’t miss out on being a part of Dayton’s first annual Startup Week! Register by clicking the link below!



Written by: Austin Rains