Meet #StartupDayton’s Gavin Doll of Infinipure

August 12, 2016

For Gavin Doll the entrepreneurial spirit began with the sweat and hard work of the lawn care business that he started at age 12. Instead of flipping burgers like many high schoolers, he spent his high school years increasing the number of lawns he mowed and saving the money he made for college. Once he started his career at Wright State University he couldn’t just sit still. He went on to serve as the Student Body President from 2015-16 and has discovered a new way to put his entrepreneurial side to work.

While sitting in a business class at the university he heard about a new initiative that helps tech startups launch. The idea was intriguing. Could he, as a college Junior, really run a successful business that could impact the market? He wasn’t sure, but he decided that there was only one way to find out.

That was the beginning of InfiniPure. Gavin joined TAP – a program that connected him with other business minded college students in the Dayton region and gave them access to market ready technology that has been developed by local labs. He formed a startup team and began to explore complicated patents and intricate designs for technologies that has been developed by the Air Force Research Lab.

The team came across a technology that deoxygenates jet fuel. To most people this technology probably doesn’t sound like the foundation for a successful startup, but the InfiniPure team had an idea. “We saw its potential to be successfully re-purposed for water filtration,” Gavin says.

This high level technology could be gathering dust on a shelf full of patents and prototypes, but with the hard work of Gavin and his business partners, it’s got a chance at a second life, with the possibility of revolutionizing the way we filter our water. I’m excited for the direction we’re going,” Gavin shares, explaining new plans to make his startup the best it possibly can be.

In line with Dayton’s deep roots in innovation, Gavin believes that the tech industry is the place to be.  “Technology is developed to address needs and solve problems. Finding ways to adapt technology for broader markets is exciting as an entrepreneur.” He sees the Dayton region as a place with unlimited potential for startups similar to InfiniPure.  “In Dayton there are low startup costs, regional resources and networks looking for you to succeed, and access to billions of dollars of air-force technology.”

Gavin is wrapping up his time as a student at Wright State, but he’s confident that good things lie in store after graduation. He hopes to see InfiniPure continue to grow and he doesn’t think this will be his last business venture. “I plan to continue work in the startup community building successful businesses,” he states. If InfiniPure is any indication of where Gavin is headed, we should all keep an eye out for big things in his future. 

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