Meet #dytstartupweek’s Megan Gray of Marxent

August 31, 2016

Megan Gray has a lot to offer Dayton Startup Week as the Talent & Culture Track Captain. She is the current Human Resources Manager at Marxent, a leading innovator and expert in the latest Augemented Reality and Virtual Reality for Android, iOS, Oculus Rift, GearVR and many more. It should be mentioned that Marxent is a relatively new company that is only 6 years old. With their award winning grip on the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality world they are expected to continue to exponentially grow in the next year.

When asked to describe the culture of Marxent she describes it as a “a down-to-earth company that makes out-of-this-world software. We are a humble, passionate, and dedicated team that works hard but knows how to have fun while doing it.” She goes on to say “There is no such thing as ‘That’s not my job’ at Marxent: we all work to support each other; we are all working towards the same goals; we are one team who works together by supporting each other to knock down obstacles.” 

She states that Marxent is family-oriented, and that the company’s employees spend time with each other not only while they’re at work but also when they’re outside of the office, as well. “We know each other’s families and support each other at work and at home” and the company is intentional to “promote family and work-life balance.”

Knowing how important a positive, creative, and supportive company culture is for the growth and development of a new company, Megan joined the Dayton Startup Week team to ensure new and aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to learn the “how-to’s” on building a company culture that supports individuality.

Dayton Startup Week is a week-long community-led celebration that features over 50 unique educational and social events designed to teach and promote entrepreneurship. The Talent & Culture track includes such topics as Defining Your Culture & Maintaining Culture Through Growth.  

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