Carillon Park overrun by makers, tinkerers, and hobbyists

July 18, 2016

Photo from @makerfairedayton Facebook page. 

Photo from @makerfairedayton Facebook page. 

Dayton Makers unite, showcasing their projects and highlighting opportunities for more people to get plugged into the Maker community

Makers, tinkerers, and hobbyists alike showed up in droves at Carillon Park on Saturday for the first annual Dayton Mini Maker Faire. There were plenty of engaging activities and live demonstrations for all ages including robotics, blacksmithing, rocketry, sewing, steam engines, 3D printing, and mini golf.

The main show, though, was the Boneyard Buildoff–a day-long competition between big names in the Dayton Maker community to build a specific product by re-purposing random objects found in a heaping junk-pile. 

The partnering organizations behind the Dayton Mini Maker Faire plan to hold this event on an annual basis, so if you missed it this year, be sure to check it out next year!