#StartupDayton’s Kevin Wimer is going places…literally

June 6, 2016

Should you really follow your passion or should you follow any venture that makes you money?

This was a question serial entrepreneur Kevin Wimer found himself contemplating not too long ago. He had launched a number of successful businesses, including Jamplay–a company whose online guitar tutorials have helped people across the globe learn to pick a six string–but with every new venture he seemed to always hit a wall of dissatisfaction that left him bored with the project and ready to move on.

Frustrated with the cycle, Kevin decided to take a different approach when creating his latest startup. In a recent post he published on Medium, he said, “In my teens, I was a professional video gamer. I traveled the world getting paid to play games. It was awesome. My love for gaming laid dormant for a decade but never left me.”

With that passion in mind, he launched his latest project in the gaming / eSports space: LootMarket.com. And from the looks of things, Loot Market is taking Kevin places–literally. As this article is being written, Kevin is in the Philippines preparing for the 2016 Manila Majors, which in the DOTA gaming world is a BIG deal.

We're in Manila! Ready for #ManilaMajor

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We can’t wait to see where Loot Market takes him next, and we can’t help but wonder where can your passion take you?