A year with Dayton startups

December 29, 2016

It has been a year for the books for the Dayton community. The entrepreneurs of this great city have been working their fingers to the bone getting their businesses off the ground and ready for the next step. They are focused on improving themselves, growing their businesses, and are feeling a shift in the neighborhood to entrepreneurship.

We have accumulated our very best blog posts from the past year into one. These blog posts highlight our community members, businesses, and pieces on the startup scene in the Dayton region. Check it out and reflect with us on the successes of our friends over the past year.


Marxent positions itself as the leader in branded Augmented Reality experiences for retailers and manufacturers and virtual 3D products.

Krush Technologies seeks to create innovative new products that enhance our everyday experiences by bringing together people and technology.


One of our favorite new fixtures is Proto Buildbar, a Maker Space where you can make your imagination reality by jumping on one of their 3D printers or maker benches which are each fully equipped with a digital solder station, power supply, laptop and a full set of small electronics hand tools.

DO YOU KNOW LAUREN WHITE? If you don’t, you’re missing out!

Charles is the founder and CEO of The Wright Cup–a company’s whose mission is to help people discover the perfect cup of coffee.


Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who has a knack for creating businesses that help people have more fun in their hobbies.

Jason is the founder of GreenSpace, an occupational management system that is designed to make office life easier and more productive.


Lea is the Founder and President of Pig of the Month BBQ, an online mail-order company renowned for their world-class BBQ and savory treats (like Bacon Jam–yum!).

Marxent raises $10 million for in-store AR visualizations.


#StartupDayton’s The Wright Cup brings coffee lovers & industry professionals together in the heart of Downtown Dayton.

Get to know #StartupDayton’s Bobby Walker of Fronana


#StartupDayton’s Kevin Wimer is going places…literally

Dayton Tech Guide Goes to Washington


Early Risers brings startups and big companies together


Fronana is celebrating “the good Thymes” with this expansion

Meet #StartupDayton’s Gavin Doll of Infinipure

5 Things You Should Know about Dayton Before You Begin your Startup


What’s Happening At Dayton Startup Week?

Mile Two with Jeff Graley


Predicting the state of our nation with Cognovi tech – Twitris

Dayton-based Startup, GlobalFlyte Inc., Wins $100,000 Grant


Entrepreneurs learn valuable lessons at Generation Startup screening

Holiday gift ideas from your Dayton startups


Charles Nick and Taylor Minor riding the ThirdWave

Dayton Catalyst highlighted tech startup activity for the region and beyond

Obi wins R&D 100

Thank you for all your support over this past year! We hope over this next year you will join us on our journey to help the startup community of Dayton succeed.