GreenSpace receives Accelerant funding

December 19, 2016

Owning a business is a lot like taking a road trip. You envision your destination, plot your course, prepare as best you can, and then take off with dreams of what life will be like once you’ve arrived. Unfortunately, if you’ve ever taken a road trip, you know that it’s not always smooth sailing. Sometimes there’s traffic, sometimes there are unexpected stops, and sometimes you get re-routed altogether.

When we first met Jason Terry (Read Meet #StartupDayton’s Jason Terry), he was envisioning the future of occupancy management in spite of the risks, hurdles, and daunting circumstances he was facing at the time.

“My house was in foreclosure and my vehicle was about to be repossessed,” he noted recently. “There were plenty of people that said I should just give up and get a real job, but I knew I had something.”

“Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and let that be enough.”

It was that self-determination that helped Jason stay on track over the course of the next several months, during which he and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world who has battled through severe heath issues that have required multiple surgeries and hospital stays. In a time when many would’ve thrown up their hands and said “I quit”, Jason continued to improve his product and get it into the market with some big first customers.

Now it seems that hard work, drive, and determination is paying off–literally.

The Dayton Development Coalition’s Accelerant program, an initiative of the coalition that funds seed-stage companies, just invested $500,000 into Jason’s startup GreenSpace.

And with more big name corporations on the verge of signing up for the GreenSpace occupancy management solution and projected sales in 2017 of $2M, it looks like things are looking up for Jason.

“You have to play the cards you’re dealt, not the cards you want.” Jason advises other entrepreneurs, and it would seem that Jason is on a roll with the cards in his hand.

And in a perfect blend of affirmation for Jason’s hard work, he told us on the day that he picked up his check from Accelerant, he signed the final documents officially taking his house out of foreclosure.

Congrats, Jason, from your friends here in Dayton startup community! We can’t wait to see where the road takes you in 2017!

You can read Kara Driscoll’s Dayton Daily News story here.