Why Forbes is talking about Ohio Startups

November 8, 2016

Today, as the nation looks at how we Ohioans will cast our votes for Election 2016, we have some additional attention being focused our way after an article called Why the Midwest is about to become America’s next Silicon Valley was published yesterday on Forbes.com.

Now while we have to admit, we’re a little tired of hearing about who experts deem will become the “next Silicon Valley” (after all, Dayton was the original Silicon Valley), there’s definitely a sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with seeing people on the coasts begin to take notice of all the innovative companies and ground-breaking technologies that are rising out of the so-called “rust belt.”

It seems that Venture Capitalists are starting to look for investment opportunities in startups that have high science at the core. That’s good news for us, because here in Dayton, we’ve been heads-down in research & development for a long time–high science is what we know.

We’re not a community of game-builders–we’re a community of game-changers.

Next month, we will be showcasing our innovative startups to a national crowd of VCs, angel investors, industry leaders, and community supporters at Catalyst. If you’re interested in learning more about and getting plugged into our local startup community, you should check it out! This event will be a great opportunity to see for yourself the caliber of incredible new businesses that are being born right here in Dayton, O.

Want to read the full Forbes.com article? You can find it here.