This Dayton startup is gaining international attention

January 13, 2016

Every once in a while a company comes along that grabs everyone’s attention with some amazing new product or innovative idea. 2016 has brought us such a company in the form of Krush Technologies.

Photo by Dean Johnson @activerightbrain Photo by Dean Johnson @activerightbrain

Krush Technologies seeks to create innovative new products that enhance our everyday experiences by bringing together people and technology. For example, their VR pod MOVEO allows users to experience what they refer to as “real Virtual Reality.” According to their website, Moveo is the first free rotation VR simulator built to enhance the OculusTM experience. In it you can move through 3D worlds, fly through space, and feel the gravitational pull of nearby objects as you connect what you’re seeing and feeling in whole new ways.

MOVEO was a huge hit recently at 2016 CES, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where the latest and greatest in tech gadgets are unveiled. People lined up to get an opportunity to check out this never before seen technology.

Photo by @krushtech Photo by @krushtech

Krush Technologies is backed by the Mathile family. According to the Dayton Business Journal, “The undisclosed investment is expected to be a substantial expansion of the Mathile’s commitment to advanced video and media ventures. It aligns with founder Clay Mathile’s vision for ooVoo, to bring people closer together through innovation and technology.”

Aside from their wildly popular debut at 2016 CES, other exposure includes Krush officials doing TV interviews with the Discovery Channel and Syfy UK, as well as interviews with TechInsider and Engadget (DBJ).

To stay up to date on what Krush Technologies is up to, you can follow them on Twitter: @krushtech