Cubester at Catalyst!

November 28, 2016

Sabitha Anisetti, Founder & CEO of Cubester, has been busy setting up for the release of Pocco, their first product, in the early part of 2017. Sabitha has said that they have already lined up several customers, including businesses in the Dayton area and some along the coasts of the US. Pocco is a productivity maximizing device and has been in development as the next tool that helps manage workplace distractions and allows workers to really focus on one thing at a time.

Sabitha attributes her success to support of the local Dayton business community, which she describes as “tight knit”. Cubester now has 10 employees preparing for the launch of the their new product and with the help of some local Dayton organizations like Boucher & Boucher Law Firm, Dayton SCORE, and the Entrepreneurs Center, the Cubster team has had help pitching to investors and bringing the device to market. Dayton Tech Guide even featured Sabitha at one of our Early Risers.

Now you can see Sabitha and the Cubster team share their product at Dayton Catalyst.

Dayton Catalyst is a community-wide event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, community leaders and supporters from across the nation to learn, engage and celebrate technology startup opportunities in the Dayton Region. With Venture Capitalists coming in from around the world, Pocco, and the rest of the presenting startups, will have a chance to connect with key industry professionals and get the chance to win investments. Pocco realizes the valuable connection that Dayton Catalyst can bring to their company and is very much looking forward for their opportunity to take the next step.

Come see Sabitha and several other startups from the Dayton area pitch at Dayton Catalyst!

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