10XTS Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

October 2, 2018

10XTS has launched an SEC registered regulation crowdfunding campaign via Wunderfund, a FINRA registered crowdfunding portal platform also based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise an additional funding round for the company, but to also launch the 10XTS flagship product, XDEX, a blockchain-based platform for early stage and small business capitalization table management and documentation system.




While initial coin offerings have become very popular, raising over $13 billion by the end of June, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission has continued to regulate with a heavy hand. Having recently appeared on Capitol Hill at the Congressional Round Table event, “Legislating Certainty for Cryptocurrencies”, 10XTS CEO, Michael Hiles, commented,

“There’s a delta between what is required from a regulatory compliance standpoint to just put basic very simple capital into place to prove an idea. I think that that’s why there’s a lot of flight offshore from a capital standpoint. Where are we going to be at when we deny American investors the capital appreciation opportunity here in the United States?”

About XDEX

XDEX is a blockchain platform for early stage capital market participants including small businesses & startups, investors, early stage venture capital funds, broker dealers, legal and accounting services, and even government regulatory authorities.

One of the high growth areas for blockchain is Securities Tokens, which are blockchain tokens pegged to underlying traditional, regulated securities. While securities tokens might be a new term, the concept of uncertificated shares is not a new idea, in fact it has been en vogue since the advent of the spreadsheet. XDEX moves the capitalization table tracking shares and shareholders from the silo of the traditional spreadsheet to a distributed blockchain ledger environment.

10XTS Crowdfunding Campaign

Regulation crowdfunding was passed into law in 2012 under the Title III JOBS Act, which allows a company to sell securities to unaccredited, public investors through a procedural filing with the SEC. Companies may raise up to $1,070,000 in an offering in a single calendar year.

As an example to the market, 10XTS has replaced their own traditional spreadsheet capitalization table with the XDEX ledger. There are share tokens on the blockchain that represent each share of 10XTS stock. Having already raised a round of private capital from accredited investors through a placement earlier in 2018, 10XTS is now expanding their shareholder base to unaccredited investors through the crowdfunding campaign. 10XTS believes they will be the first company in the world to have both accredited and unaccredited investor shareholders who own regulatory-compliant shares designated by tokens on a distributed ledger blockchain.

Hiles states,

“This is the first step towards evolving early stage funding markets towards a blockchain token-based system. In the future, we expect all corporate shares to eventually be tokenized on a ledger system like XDEX.”

For more information about the offering, visit the campaign page at the Wunderfund portal: https://wunderfund.co/projects/10xts