Wright Ventures


What is Wright Venture?

  • Entrepreneurial opportunity modeled after ABC TV’s Shark Tank reality competition
  • Features aspiring Wright State entrepreneurs making business presentations (late March/early April 2023) to a panel of industry experts (“Wolves”)
  • Creates real-life, lasting experience similar to an actual business startup
  • Valuable workshops in entrepreneurial Business Planning, Marketing, Finance, and Operations (Jan./Feb. 2023)
  • Offers opportunities for networking, mentorship, idea development, product design, service creation, and more
  • All offered free by Wright State faculty, staff, and local and regional sponsors

Make it to the final competition for a chance to earn a $5,000 investment in your business!

Contact Info

Kendall Goodrich

[email protected]

Company Details

Type: Investment / Fund / Venture

Location: Fairborn, OH


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