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Finding a reasonably priced area to start your business can be hard to find. Obtaining permits and licenses also makes it difficult to get started on living out your dream of running your own business.

Kitchen Space:

We take pride in offering thoughtfully-designed kitchen space that’s outfitted with modern equipment suitable to help a variety of food entrepreneurs. Whether you are a supplier or just want to make ready to eat snacks, we have a safe and beautiful space just for you! Three membership tiers are available with various benefits:

  • $200/mo for an hourly  membership, includes 10 hours, 1 dry shelf, 1 fridge/frozen shelf
  • $480/mo for a bulk membership, includes 40 hours a month, 2 dry shelves, 1 fridge/frozen shelf
  • $675/mo for a full-time membership, includes unlimited hours, a full rack of dry shelves, 2 frozen/fridge shelves + a permanent workspace

Coworking + Office Space:

We have two conference rooms to facilitate business or general meetings. These spaces permit coworkers and colleagues to collaborate and create dynamic ideas. Its location makes it easy to find and can be utilized for interviews, whiteboard sessions, and many other uses.

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