Uptech Accelerator is looking for data-driven companies

May 1, 2018

Do you have a game-changing data-driven solution for an industry pain point?

If so, keep reading because this might be an opportunity for you!

Uptech, a Northern Kentucky/Cincy  accelerator, just announced that they have opened up applications for their upcoming cohort.

James Bridgers, founder of Dayton startup Road-Aid, participated in last year’s cohort as one of nine startups selected from thousands of applications from all over the world.

Could you be one of the lucky startups chosen for the 7th cohort?

Here’s an excerpt from their website explaining what they’re looking for:


We accept B2B startups whose offering is driven by digital technology.  We’re talking SaaS, apps, analytics, bots, AI, IoT, cyber security…the sky is the limit.


Data is an integral part of your business.  You seek to capture, understand and utilize this data to make better decisions and create more value for your customers.  We like this.


We value the team over all else.  We look for the right people with the right mix of skills and experience for their particular business.  We discourage solo teams and do not accept teams without a tech co-founder or on-staff developer.


Forgive the poker metaphor, but you’re all in.  Your business and this program are your life.  We require at least one of the founders be full time to the business and on-site, but we prefer the whole team.


We expect teams who are market experts and are operating in a market with opportunity.  ‘We have no competitors’ won’t cut it.


Highly scalable business models only. We love all entrepreneurs, but this program is for technology solutions with fast implementation, easy adoption, large customer base.


One factor of being an investable company means a sizable customer market where the earnings potential is at least in the tens of millions of dollars.  Larger is better, but you better know the market and how you calculate this.


You’re going to be told your ‘baby is ugly.’  Can you handle it?  The best entrepreneurs can take critical feedback and use it to improve, so you better be coachable.


We expect that you will have done some customer interviews and problem validation to prove that this problem is real, it’s worth solving (you can make money), and it’s the right time to solve it.

If this sounds like you, and you want to get some more information and check out what Uptech is all about, you can attend an information session coming up on May 10 at 4:00pm at Uptech.

If you’ve already done your homework, are familiar with Uptech, and are ready to apply, you can submit your application here.