Trep House, virtual entrepreneurship support for founders of color, launches in Dayton

October 30, 2020

Trep House is a virtual venture development platform + community + creative capital studio designed to launch and accelerate the success and sustainability of underrepresented founders & creators, especially Black and other minority entrepreneurs in the Millenial and GenZ age groups.

Founded in the real world of West Dayton, Ohio, Trep House builds a unique and much-needed ecosystem of Black- and minority-centric training, support services and growth avenues.

“Unlike most entrepreneurship programs that focus on training or funding, Trep House streamlines and centralizes access to the full range of growth services, all while being based in the authentic culture, opportunities and talents of underrepresented enTREPreneurs — especially those that are ready to launch or need that next stage of boost,” founder and CEO Kemo A’akhutera said in a press release.

Trep House is currently seeking its first 100 Founding Members. Founding members will not only get Trep House benefits, but they will help shape the design, content and membership of the Trep House community for years to come. Founding members receive:

• Full access to the Trep House community of highly talented and motivated New Majority founders and creators via our networking, outreach and sharing platforms;

• Easy access to a vetted and culturally-appropriate directory of service providers, advisors and mentors;

• A growing body of live and on-demand training services, ranging from business development basics to specialized personal development needs of New Majority founders;

• Virtual discussion and connection events designed to help founders build the supportive and understanding community that they need, no matter their location;

• First-in-line access to funding resources.

In addition to these benefits, Trep House Founding Members will have unique feedback opportunities and the opportunity to shape Trep House’s growth to their own needs.

All of these one-of-a-kind resources are available to Founding Members for only $99. Membership costs will increase in the future. Founding Membership is limited to 100.

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