Techstars Dayton Startup Week will be back in June!

January 2, 2018

With the most wonderful time of the year behind us, Dayton Tech Guide has an exciting announcement:

The 3rd Annual Techstars Dayton Startup Week will be June 11-15!

This year’s basecamp will be at Dayton’s historic Steam Plant. Located at 617 E. 3rd Street, the Steam Plant is a former Dayton Power and Light steam generating facility that opened up in the early 1900’s and ceased operations in the 1980’s. The current owner has utilized its unique appeal and renovated it into an amazing event space that will be home to Techstars Dayton Startup Week in June.

If you look across the venue during Startup Week, you’ll see intense conversations about development and potential happenings over cups of locally roasted coffee. Walk a little further and you’ll observe a cluster of entrepreneurs scribbling on legal pads while startup experts offer sage advice from the stage. As you scan the room, you’ll notice a mix of young and old, experienced and inexperienced, formal and casual.

How can you describe Dayton Startup Week in one word? Collaboration. This week Dayton entrepreneurs and community members are coming together to support each other on their next steps. We’ve heard from tech companies, marketing experts, venture capitalists, and coffee roasters. It’s a diverse week, unified with the vision of bringing Dayton’s entrepreneurial community together.

Let us know what sessions and speakers you want to hear from this year at this month’s Pints & Preneurs. Register for Pints here.